What I did over my Christmas Break

What I did over my Christmas Break

January 3, 2012 /

Wow… that vacation FLEW by!  I was off work from December 23 – January 3 and it was so much fun.  We spent a few days down in San Diego with my family then flew up to Washington to be with the Hubs’ family for about a week.  I bought a Horse Blanket gift (which in the Hubs’ family means a gift you bought for yourself) and have been loving it since the day I got it.  Although, ever since I downloaded Bejeweled, I’ve noticed it disappearing more and more.

I also got to spend time with this sweet sweet boy.  Our nephew is growing up too fast, and too far away!  My sister-in-law and I like to joke that we shouldn’t be separated from each other and have a joke about a wolf being separated from its… huh. I can’t remember now… but every time we part, we yell out, “Don’t go, wolf! Don’t go!”  We joke but I really do miss her when we’re apart.  As far as in-laws go (and in-laws that married into the family as well) I’m dang lucky.

We also went and saw ‘We Bought a Zoo’ and while it was very good and had funny parts, what they don’t tell you is to BRING A WHOLE BOX OF TISSUES BECAUSE THAT ISH IS SAD.  Like SAD sad.  Hubs was like, “You’re going along, going along thinking everything is great.  Cute animals then BAM. They get ya.  Then it’s back to cute animals and your guard is down then BAM. They get you again.  But 10 times over.”  So there you go.  Take that as you will.

I’m back at bootcamp!  I signed up for 6 months all at once so NO EXCUSES.  I’ve got a half marathon at the end of the month and I have a feeling we’ll be taking it slow, right Ayesha?  Slow, but fast enough that they don’t throw us in the “shuffler’s” wagon that comes along behind the walkers.

I know people generally post about their New Year resolutions but for me, that’s setting myself up for failure.  I did read an amazing article that a friend posted on Facebook and I encourage any or all to read it.  It really made me think and I am going to try hard to apply those lessons to my everyday life.  You can find it here.

I would love to put together a post of my favorite images from this past year and I just may do that.  I’ve had an incredible year of photography, really listening to myself and what I want to portray in my work. Listening to the clients as to what they want.  Working to attract the clients I would love to photograph.  I’m excited for this next year and might share some of my goals for 2012.  For all my readers, friends, past and future clients… a very happy and healthy new year to you!

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