San Diego Photographer: Retirement Party

San Diego Photographer: Retirement Party

March 23, 2012 /

My mom was a working mom.  3 months after I was born, she bundled me up and took me to the babysitter crying all the way.  She was crying, not me.  She kept saying, “I’m so sorry I have to go to work.”  She shouldn’t have been apologizing.  For the past 29 years, I had amazing role models in my parents (I still do!).  I have never felt like her working outside the home deprived me or my brothers any time with her.  My mom taught me that we work.   That’s what we do.  When I turned 16, I got my first job and haven’t stopped working since.  My mom taught me that even when you had a really bad day, you still show up tomorrow.  She taught me that you can be nice and funny, but how to put your foot down when you need to.  She taught me that when someone threatens to shoot you, you show up the next day and show them you’re not scared. (True story!  It happened to me!)

Yesterday was my mom’s retirement party.  I can’t believe I just typed those words!  As I sat in the large concert hall, listening to people praise my mom I started to tear up.  I just can’t image her not working there anymore.  My mom has always worked.  As a lot of people said, it’s truly the end of an era.  I know so many people looked up to her and trusted her institutional knowledge, humor and no-nonsense attitude.  But I know I looked up to her the most.  No matter what she does going forward, I know she’s going to be amazing at it.

Thank you mama for being an amazing role model for so many people.  I’m so glad other people recognize what an incredible woman you are.

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