San Diego Photographer: Kelsey and Christian | Engaged!

San Diego Photographer: Kelsey and Christian | Engaged!

August 27, 2014 /


When Christian and I were growing up, he fought like cats and dogs.  He was into sports, I embarrassed him by being involved with theater and sang show tunes when his friends were over.  He is super smart and I have to work doubly hard to get good grades.  We couldn’t be any more different so we didn’t exactly hang out growing up.  After college though, Christian moved to Hawaii.  It was so fun to hear from him and how much fun he was having out there.  He was going on all of these adventures.  He was swimming with sharks, parasailing, hiking, having crazy adventures.

But his best adventure has been Kelsey.  They met while working together in Hawaii and one thing led to another and they started dating.  Two years ago, they moved back to San Diego and we fell in love with Kelsey.  She brings out the side of Christian we always knew was there.  She brings out the goofy, fun, silly side of him because she makes him so comfortable.  We couldn’t be more thrilled that he put a ring on it and is making Kelsey a member of our family!

We had such a fun time running around La Jolla and letting these two be the hilariously funny couple they are.  You can tell they are crazy about each other.  Congrats  and love to you both!  It feels selfish to be so excited you two are getting married.  I’m so excited to have Kelsey for a sister-in-law!

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