Redlands Wedding Photographer: Patty and Jason | Married!

Redlands Wedding Photographer: Patty and Jason | Married!

It all started with a Post-it note.  Jason’s coworker and friend, Nancy sent him an issue of the Och Tamale, the alumni magazine for University of Redlands.  In it was a picture of Patty and a note that said, “This is Patty, the coworker I was telling you about”.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Patty and Jason hit it off right away.  Both dancers, they love going out dancing, drinking coffee together and playing with their dogs, Bernie and Sammie.  You’ll see their dogs make an appearance on the wedding cake 😉 The day was full of fun, laughs, love and DANCING.  This couple and their friends really knew how to use the dance floor.  You could just feel how happy their friends and family were for Patty and Jason.  Surrounded by love, they exchanged their vows at the gorgeous Speakeasy on State in Redlands. The coworker, Nancy, actually was their wedding officiant!

Patty and Jason, you really know how to bring people together.  You can tell all of your guests were rooting for you and really want the best things in life for you.  Congratulations, you two are the best!

Huge shoutout to Heather from Willow Tree Weddings and Dawn at the Speakeasy for making this day run so smoothly!

Dress: David’s Bridal

Flowers: Dawn Adams, The Nature of Things

Makeup and Hair:

Venue: Speakeasy on State

Wedding Planner: Heather Baguyo, Willow Tree Weddings

DJ/Emcee: Ron Zapata, Freelance Event Sound & Lighting

Video: Scott Davis, EP Wedding Films

Catering: Catering by Carole


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