Redlands Wedding Photographer: Katie and Austin | Married!

Redlands Wedding Photographer: Katie and Austin | Married!

I remember my first meeting with Katie and Austin.  We ended up talking for well over an hour, and most of it not even about their wedding!  Over iced coffee, we talked about teaching, music, our mutual friends and didn’t even realize Katie had worked with my husband for awhile.  When we went outside the coffee shop to meet up with Lysander and Sawyer, Katie exclaimed, “Lysander! I remember you!”  I was very pregnant with Callie and they followed up with me a few weeks later, after I had her, to see how I was doing. That’s how you know your clients are more than clients, they’re friends.  Katie and Austin, always thinking of others!

On a gorgeously sunny day in June, these two wonderful people tied the knot.  The ceremony was beautiful, full of laughter and prayer.  Their families, so supportive and loving, looked on in pride.  The whole day was full of laughter and happy tears.  Each of their families was gaining another member, not losing a son or daughter.  Katie and Austin also provided dance lessons for their guests and we’ve never seen the dance floor so packed (or filled with so many smiles!)  We couldn’t be happier for you two! Congrats!

Dress: Maggie Sottero from Bellasposa Bridal

Florist: Wildflowers

Ceremony Venue:

Reception Venue: Private residence

Wedding Planner: Heather Baguyo

Big Band: Stewart Undem

Cake: Michelle’s Bakery

Catering: Postcards Food Truck

Crepes Bonaparte Food Truck

Bridesmaids Dresses:; Designer: Weddington Way

Groomsmen and Groom attire: Jos. A. Bank

Extra Treats: A La Minute:; Wild Goose Coffee:

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