Redlands Photographer | Watts Family: Family Session

Redlands Photographer | Watts Family: Family Session

October 6, 2011 /


I couldn’t wait a single second longer to show you this session!  The Watts family is very special in our world.  Many times Lysander and I have said to each other, “I hope we can raise our children like the Watts family”.  Judi and Ray are shining examples of love, patience, encouragement and just family.  How family should be.

And how we love Haven, Logan and Clare!  We have all been in shows together for a few years now and it’s such a joy when the Watts clan is in a show.  They know how to have a good time 🙂  Like Ray says, “We’re a unit and we do things together.” So even though Judi and Clare may not be in the show, they are still at rehearsal cheering on the whole cast.  The children are constantly encouraging each other, acting years beyond their age and being examples to the rest of us.

We had such a fun time up in Oak Glen last weekend.  I may start taking Haven on photo shoots, she has a great eye for locations.  Thank you so much Watts family! Let’s do it again soon, yes?

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