Los Angeles Photographer: Erik and Ayesha | Bengali Wedding

Los Angeles Photographer: Erik and Ayesha | Bengali Wedding

When you  know, you know.  Ayesha and Erik have been together so long, they just fit.  They compliment each other so completely, understanding what needs to be done without anything being said.  This past Saturday, they completed their wedding festivities with their Bengali wedding and reception.  I had the honor to attend their traditional wedding as a guest but last Saturday I got to participate in such a special way, as their photographer!

It was amazing to be around Ayesha’s family as she got ready.  I likened them to birds, flitting from task to task, their hands confident and capable of fixing any wardrobe mishaps. There was a lot of laughter, so many smiles, all thrilled to be a part of this magical, cultural experience.  The women donned colorful saris, proud to be wearing garments that had so much historical and cultural significance.

Erik and Ayesha had driven to the Agoura/Calabasas Community Center together, but when Ayesha stepped out of the dressing room, Erik was speechless.  He just stopped for a moment and exclaimed in a hushed tone, “You look beautiful”.  The rest of the night was filled with well wishes, speeches, cakes and dancing.  OH the dancing!  My face hurt behind my camera from smiling so much!  A magical night for sure.

A note to Erik and Ayesha: thank you.  Truly.  This experience was one of the kind and I’m so happy to call you both friends.  Disneyland soon, yes?

Another thank you to my second shooter, Todd Montemayor.  Our first time working together, but it felt like we had worked together for years!

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