Inland Empire Wedding Photographer: Lynn and Steven | Married!

Inland Empire Wedding Photographer: Lynn and Steven | Married!

On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Hemet, Lynn and Steven tied the knot. In front of their closest friends and family, they vowed to support and honor each other.  They promised until death do they part at the home they filled with friends, family and dogs.

I met Lynn 5 years ago when I hired her to be my student worker at the University of Redlands.  Right away, we all knew Lynn was someone special.  Kind, whip-smart, stylish and funny, all other student workers would be held to the “Lynn” standard.  But not only was she an awesome employee, she’s an awesome friend.  We went to employer site visits together, had lunch together and shared the latest gossip.  She even babysat Sawyer from time to time!

After Lynn graduated, we stayed in touch and when she told me she met “the one”, I had to check out this guy for myself.  I’m so happy Lynn found Steven.  Their sense of humor is unique, he fully supports her hobbies and choices, and he even matches her when they get dressed up!  The moment I met him, I could tell they would be a power couple.

Their wedding day was full of the most important things in life: friends, family, and love.  They exchanged their vows in their backyard where everything was given the “Lynn and Steven” touch.  The reception was alive with speeches, toasts, games and so much laughter.  It was truly an honor to be a witness to their vows and to be one of their friends.  Congrats Lynn and Steven!

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