2014: The Year of Family

2014: The Year of Family

January 3, 2014 /

A lot of bloggers choose a word that they want to describe their year before it even happens.  Something to strive for in the year to come, if you will.  I’ve been noticing that my focus is often being pulled by outside forces: my phone, social media, etc.

So this year, I’m doing something drastic.  I’m pulling away from most of my social media outlets.  Instagram and Facebook will be deleted from my phone.  I will still have a Facebook account but it will only be accessable through my computer.

I’m also going to be cutting back on a lot of photography this year.  As some of you know, but many don’t… I have a full time job in addition to my photography.  I work from 9-6pm Monday – Friday.  I do not work part time, I do not take many days off.  So my weekend are precious to me and my family.  When you factor in photo shoots, I maybe get one full day a weekend with my boys.

This is not to say that I don’t appreciate the photography work.  I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY.  I love love love love LOVE it.  But because I charge at such a low rate, I cannot feasibly make it a career.  I could if I charged triple what I do now (I worked it out, promise!).  With all my professional equipment, I have to have insurance for it.  Plus my blog, my image hosting site, heck… my TIME.  It all adds up and takes time away from my family.  So please don’t be offended if you inquire about my services and I politely decline or say that I’m busy. I truly am busy with the most amazing part of my life: my family.

If a shoot works with my schedule, I will absolutely work with you… I love my clients! And it goes without saying if we have already scheduled a shoot, I’m excited for it!  But once Sawyer came into the picture, my priorities have shifted.  I hope this blog post doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s not meant to.  It’s  meant to let you know why I will be shifting my attention inward and focusing on my word for the year: Family.

Do keep in touch though! I am still available by email, phone, texting, etc.  I’m just going to be cutting way way WAY back on my social media consumption.  Thank you all in advance for being understanding.  I mean, look at these guys. Who wouldn’t want to be with them every chance they could? 🙂

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