Fullerton Wedding Photographer: Athena and Justin | Married!

Fullerton Wedding Photographer: Athena and Justin | Married!

May 5, 2016 Weddings

What a gorgeous day we had in Fullerton with Athena and Justin.  You couldn’t ask for a sweeter, more laid-back couple than these two!  The bridal party was so much fun, helpful and up for anything.  Thank you both for having us capture your wedding day.

Venue: Grace Ministries International
Catering: Summit Event Catering
Coordinator: Erika Chang from Something Borrowed Weddings & Events
Wedding Cake and Desserts: Mr. & Mrs. Creamery
Florals: California Floral and Design
Videographer: NOK Productions
Hair and Makeup: Theresa Huang Studio
DJ: Surreal Soirees


AthenaJustin-1 AthenaJustin-2 AthenaJustin-3 AthenaJustin-4 AthenaJustin-5 AthenaJustin-6 AthenaJustin-7 AthenaJustin-8 AthenaJustin-9 AthenaJustin-10 AthenaJustin-11 AthenaJustin-12 AthenaJustin-13 AthenaJustin-14 AthenaJustin-15 AthenaJustin-16 AthenaJustin-17 AthenaJustin-18 AthenaJustin-19 AthenaJustin-20 AthenaJustin-21 AthenaJustin-22 AthenaJustin-23 AthenaJustin-24 AthenaJustin-25 AthenaJustin-26 AthenaJustin-27 AthenaJustin-28 AthenaJustin-29 AthenaJustin-30 AthenaJustin-31 AthenaJustin-32 AthenaJustin-33 AthenaJustin-34 AthenaJustin-35 AthenaJustin-36 AthenaJustin-37 AthenaJustin-38 AthenaJustin-39 AthenaJustin-40 AthenaJustin-41 AthenaJustin-42 AthenaJustin-43 AthenaJustin-45 AthenaJustin-46

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