Workouts This Week

Workouts This Week

October 21, 2010 /

Well, this will be brief since I’ve only done three!

Monday- Totally bailed on p90x. I was still so sore from working out on Saturday (Chest, Shoulders, Tri) that I made the hubs give me a backrub on Sunday night. I’ve also got to be aware of my form when running. I hunch up my shoulders, thinking it will prevent a cramp. You know what will prevent a cramp? Me not taking on more than I can handle and running too fast. That’s what.

Tuesday- c25k Week 5 Day 1. The whole time I was in the running sections I kept thinking, “Clearly you proved you can run a 5k so don’t think you can slack off” and it really helped. It made me think about my pacing and how I don’t need to push myself too fast, too soon.

Wednesday- Shoulders and Arms. I’ve gotten to the point where I just hit the Music and Cues button because Tony Horton talks too much. Anyone who’s done this knows what I’m talking about. I also fast forward through his transitions because he wastes a lot of time explaining things. This cuts down on workout time significantly.

Thursday- c25k Week 5 Day 2. The whole program was 5 minute warm up, run 8 minutes, walk 5, run 8 then cool down 5. I love this program because it isn’t so long that I get discouraged. I walked a little bit during the second 8 minute run. I think I have to start fueling better before these runs.

After my run this morning. Ugh.


I also had a thought today that I should really be working my legs as well, not just my upper body. Stronger legs are never a bad thing.

The c25k app on the ipod


I’ve got to learn not to beat myself up for bailing on a workout every once in awhile. I do like the quote “There have been plenty of times when I have had regrets about NOT working out, but I’ll never regret working out.” That runs through my mind almost every morning when I’m cozy in bed and just don’t feel like it. Another one of my friends said once, “I’m lucky that I’m able to do these things, so I don’t want to waste that ability.” I am lucky enough that my body can handle these workouts and I need to respect it and take full advantage of the opportunities given to me.

I’m blogging about running mostly to let people know that if I can do it, anyone can do it. I read blogs where there are people my age running marathons at little over 4 hours. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to hit something like that but I want to show what it’s like to take this on from the ground up. I’m also thinking of doing a post on what (minimal) running gear I own and the kind of stuff I use for p90x. Would anyone even care?

Are you looking to start a workout but just don’t know how to get motivated? I have to say, having the Rock n Roll Half Marathon to look forward to next year is really pushing me to get my bootie in gear. I’ve been researching races like crazy and I think I may be addicted!

So, would anyone even care about how to get started and what equipment to use? Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Bueller? Bueller?

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