Workin’ on my Fitness

Workin’ on my Fitness

October 15, 2010 /

About a month ago, I just got sick of it. Sick of feeling like a blob, or a plop as my former coworker would say. So I decided to change that and really get back into a routine. Hubs and I were faithfully doing p90x for about a month and a half and then it got insanely hot here so we stopped.

My job has me coming in at 9 which is perfect for me since I like to work out in the morning. I was thinking some people might be interested to see how I mix up my fitness routine. I skipped 3(!!!!) days last week and I felt horrible. I’m pretty sure it added to my spectacular snit last weekend. Seeing those effects, I’m more committed than ever to keep up with this routine.

Monday: Wake up at 7. Throw on work out clothes. Stagger downstairs and do a session of p90x. I’m not really doing any of the cardio ones because I’m running as well. I’m mostly working on my arms, shoulders and back. Finish at 8. Hop in the shower. Run downstairs and make breakfast. I get into food ruts and this week has been a bagel thin with microwaved egg whites and onion. I’m pretty sure that will get old fast.

Tuesday: Wake up around 7:15. Throw on running gear. Grab ipod. Do C25K. I’m on week 4 right now… almost at week 5! I have my 5k coming up on November 14. Finish around 7:45-7:50. Hope I’m not locked out of the house. (Note to self. Get another house key made) Same morning routine as Monday.

Wednesday: p90x

Thursday: C25K

Friday: Rest day! This is the only day I have to come in at 8am so I just use this as my rest day.

Saturday: I will either do p90x or C25K depending on when I wake up and how hot it is.

Sunday: Whichever work out I didn’t do on Saturday, I’ll do it today. Get ready. Go to church. Conduct the children’s choir. Come home and do copious amounts of laundry and grocery shopping. Football is playing in the background (actually very soothing).

So yeah, I’ve got my fitness all worked out but I really need to work on nutrition and fueling my body in the best way possible. We still have crap lying around the house and I’ve been on the road 3 out of the 5 work days this week. I’ve been trying to make the best choices food-wise but it is kind of difficult. I should start packing my own lunches for when I’m on the road.

Half of this battle is just being prepared. I really like blogs like nhershoes and meals and miles because they show what they eat throughout the day.

UPDATE: Dude! I just got an email saying we’re having a 5k on campus this weekend. Where the heck was I and why didn’t I get the memo? I think I might sign up for it since it’s only a freakin’ mile away from my house. I think really needs to work on their race listings. I know of 2 in my area that aren’t listed on there.

Are there any sites that accurately show what races are in your area? What are your favorite healthy things to eat? We go through bell peppers, avocado, onions, cucumbers, and spinach (especially when our blender was working. womp womp. Someone ::cough:: me ::cough:: broke it)

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