Weekly Workout 11/8/10

Weekly Workout 11/8/10

November 16, 2010 /

I seem to be slacking a little with these weekly workout posts. I am working out but sometimes it just seems so blah to post about them. Especially when my work out week was pretty blah itself.

Monday: skip. This seems to be a reoccuring theme.

Tuesday: C25K Week 8 Day 1. This run was just fine. Felt good. Looked good. (ha, whatever).

Wednesday: Choreography rehearsal. Danced for 3 hours. So much fun.

Thursday: skipped. Can’t remember why.

Friday: Off day. Should have worked out.

Saturday: C25L Week 8, Day 2. Don’t remember much about this one. OH, I did run at 11:30 am which was a mistake because temps went up here again. Obnoxious.

Sunday: Was going to run the Mission Inn 5k but realized that I had to be at church at 9. 7:30am 5k 20 miles away? It wasn’t going to happen if I was going to look decent for church. The children did a marvelous job singing, btw.

So yeah, last week fell a little flat. I didn’t work out yesterday (slept horribly Sunday night). But I did work out today and I think have choreography tomorrow. I shouldn’t replace my workouts with choreography but sometimes I can’t help it. I’m tired!

How are your work outs going? Have you done anything to mix it up?

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