Weekly Workout 10/25

Weekly Workout 10/25

November 1, 2010 /

Monday: Skipped. Yup. Not gonna lie, my bed was feeling awesome that morning. I loafed around and I don’t regret it one bit.

Tuesday: C25K Week 6 day 1. Good stuff although I have to keep increasing the lengths of my routes because I’m coming up short each time. I like my current route because I only have to cross one busy street. If I add more distance, I’m going to have to start going through stop lights. Not a bad thing, my any means (trust me, I’m so thrilled that I’m increasing my distance!) but still something I need to consider from here on out.

Wednesday: p90x Plyometrics. I realized I shouldn’t just be focusing on weight training on my non c25k days and I’m going to do the p90x classic program, alternating my running days. Plyo wasn’t bad when I was doing it but today, my legs are yelling at me. I completely forgot all about the squats and so stairs are not my friend.

Thursday: C25K Week 6 day 2. Same thing as Monday. Thrilled about going further distances in the same amount of time but need to map out my runs a little differently I think. I love my current route because there are no hills and only a small incline during my cooldown. So, we’ll see what I come up with.

Friday: Day off. Took off work to prep for our Halloween party.

Saturday: p90x Arms and Shoulders. Goes a lot faster when you zap through Tony’s babbling.

Sunday: c25k Week 6 Day 3. Went and did this at 3:30 in the afternoon. Kind of a mistake. It’s starting to heat back up again down here. It was warm up for 5 minutes, run for 25, cool down for 5. I almost made it the whole way through and walked a few steps only twice. I’m almost up to 3 miles on these runs. Slowly but surely, I’m getting there!

So there you go. Eating has been fine this weekend. I’m trying to eat big breakfasts and smaller lunches and that’s been working. Hearty breakfasts are really the way to go for me. I don’t want to be hungry by 11!

I also got a new jacket. It’s been really chilly here in the morning but I always end up taking it off halfway through the run.

How’s your exercising going? Have any goals for the new month?

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