Up Up and Away!

Up Up and Away!

October 13, 2010 /

This weekend I was fussy. You all know that from reading about my funk. A huge part of it was that it was so hot and I could never get comfortable.

So what do we do when it’s really hot out? Go out to an airshow!

I kid, we had planned on going anyway. Unfortunately it was 91 degrees out, so that kind of sucked. But we saw some really great planes and the flying was out of control.

The Sky Typer

Mike Mangold’s plane

I love it! It looks like a face!

Aaaaand apparently, you have to put your own gas in your plane.

Omg, this is as small town as you can get. RPD put together a fake car chase on the flight line and it was fantastic. They circled about 3 times and then the guy got out of his car and ran through a fake door and hid behind a piece of cardboard. The police then used a flash bomb to get him. It was fantastic.

Mike Mangold himself.

A fold-up plane! This guy was standing next to us with his two small kids and he was like “Hey, sweetie look, it’s a fold-up plane! An EFFING fold-up plane!!” We weren’t sure if that second sentence was pointed at us but we sure hoped so.

This was a really cool demonstration. This is the plane that does the water drops for fires.

And a video showing it in action. It flew so. slowly.

It was a really neat airshow and I was proud of our city for putting it on. There were definitely things to work on for next year (more vendors, more food booths) and cooler weather would have brought more people out for it. But it was very well attended and I look forward to next year.

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