Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Lazy

Top 10 Reasons Why I’m Lazy

September 10, 2010 /

These are all the reasons why I’ve been too “busy” to blog:

1. I have the week off! As you all know, the less busy you are, the less you actually accomplish.

2. We got cable. Actually, no… we didn’t get cable but we got rabbit ears. So I’m watching Jeopardy in REAL TIME. Clearly, this is extremely exciting. Can’t you feel how excited I am?

3. Really, it’s not THAT cool that we have tv channels now. We’ve figured out that we really don’t need it as the only thing we were missing was the Today show (omg, Hoda and Kathy Lee are obnoxious) and commercials. I’d actually take commercials over Kathy Lee.

4. I went to San Diego for a day. And got my hurrrrr did. It’s super short now.

5. My mom and I spent all of Wednesday together. Which was super fun but didn’t let me hang around a computer at all.

6. I’ve been prepping for our new gig as Children’s Choir Directors. It’s going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!

7. I just auditioned for a Christmas show which would be so fun to be a part of. Plus I saw a bunch of friends at the audition. I love that.

8. I’ve been watching Project Runway like it’s my job. Did you know that has back episodes of it? I got completely caught up this week and I’m so addicted.

9. I’ve been cleaning the house. The only problem is that I mess it up right after I clean it. So, yeah. Lame.

10. I’ve been sleeping in. Because I think I got a summer cold. And I can think of a certain bunkmate that so lovingly passed it along to me!

In all honesty, this week has been great. I’ve had enough to do to make me feel like I’ve accomplished things but enough alone time to decompress.

And because I hate to have a post with no picture, here is one from a real life craw fish boil I went to in New Orleans. Go Saints!

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