Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2012

Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2012

January 31, 2012 /

Ohhh you guys, let me just tell you about the weekend I had!

It started off last June.  I had just run the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon with my dad and I think I was still on a runner’s high when I signed up for the Tinkerbell Half in January.  Plus, it was so far away, I didn’t really think about it much.  I just knew that I had a hotel room booked for the weekend, took the Monday after off and was looking forward to a weekend with the Hubs.

Then this weekend rolled around.  We started off on Saturday afternoon, barely getting to the Expo on time to get my registration bib and tshirt.  And by barely I mean I was picking up my shirt and the woman said, “Our expo is now closing, please make your way towards the exits.”  Yikes! Glad we made it.

Then out to dinner with friends Natalie, Lyndsay, Ayesha and our significant others.  The restaurants were packed and we ended up at CPK with only an hour wait.  Good thing too because we needed to get to sleep.  Well, I think that night was the WORST night’s sleep I’ve ever had.  Our room was so hot, our bed was teeny, noises everywhere.  I don’t think I slept more than an hour at a time.

Up at 4am to get dressed and ready.  Ate quickly then ran down to Natalie and Lyndsay’s room to get the group together.  The great thing about our hotel was that we were across the street from the starting line.  It was perfect!  We ran down to the starting line and said our good-byes.  Ayesha and I were in corral C and N&L were in corral E.  It was sad to leave them but we were so psyched to get running.

This course was so much fun! We started out in Disneyland then ran out backstage and into Anaheim.  Ran around Anaheim from about Mile 3 – 11, so that part was kind of ok.  But there were marching bands, cheerleaders, and a DJ cheering us on.  Back into California Adventure at mile 11 which was great.  We knew there were only 2 more miles left but those felt so long.  At mile 12, I tested the Hubs and said that we were a mile out.  As we headed towards mile 13, the crowd grew again and I was so excited to turn the last corner and see him.  

Oh hey look, Natalie’s husband K.C. and Lyndsay’s husband Jeff.  How fun to see them too.

Here we come!

I was so excited to see him.

There’s Ayesha behind me.

I was so excited that I did a little leap!

I ran over and gave the Hubs a quick kiss and kept running.

The coolest part of this half was running into an alum that I used to work with in Alumni Relations.  We crossed the finish line together, 3 Redlands grads in a row!  How serendipitous is that?

Here we are with our medals.

We followed the rules and it took us forever to get back to our hotel.  By the time we got back, Natalie had already showered!  But these girls are awesome and all rocked their first half marathon.  Congrats everyone!


This course was REALLY fun.  They had the characters out cheering, the staff was out there too, they turned on some of the floats and had the music playing, we got to run through Sleeping Beauty’s castle and the BLING is amazing.  This is the heaviest medal ever.  I would definitely do another Disney half marathon.

Hope you all had as fun a weekend as I did.  And if you want to do a Disney half sometime, let me know!

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