Thankful Thursday: Doing Something I Love

Thankful Thursday: Doing Something I Love

November 11, 2010 /

For this Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for a person. A certain person:

Do you have just one thing in life you ADORE doing? Like something so challenging and difficult but still fun enough that if you were going for hours and hours, you could keep going and get past the pain?

I love dancing. Absolutely love it. But it has to be the right teacher/choreographer/drill sergeant or else I can’t stand it. Or if it’s not challenging enough. If I don’t go home completely wiped out, I feel like it’s a waste of time.

I’ve worked with many choreographers in many shows and only a few really make each person feel like they are dancers. Like, they appreciate we love to dance and though we may not be able to do everything, they don’t dumb it down for us.

I’m in one of those shows right now. I’ve worked with this choreographer before and would be in any show that he was involved with. He’s hard working, expects a lot, patient and really funny. He pushes us and is so creative with his ideas.

From 7-10 last night, we hardly took a break. But none of us cared. We just wanted to keep rehearsing over and over again until we got it right. I’m so proud of myself because a couple of years ago, I would have been moaning and groaning about how sore I was from doing all that but I think the working out has helped a lot. I do have bruises on my hands (don’t ask) and on my knees (REALLY don’t ask) but they are so worth it. I came home last night and plopped on the floor like I did 4 years ago when I was in Beauty and the Beast. But I had a huge smile on my face. I was SO happy to be doing this again.

Anyone who comes to see this show next month is going to be wowwed. Not necessarily by us but by how creatively we’re telling the story. I am so proud to be putting this on stage and offering it to the community. And to have a strong leader getting us there? That’s priceless.

I’m also thankful that my body can do these things. That I have the ability and coordination to dance and just let it all go.

While I’m thankful for many things this week (good job situation, lovely husband, good friends, exercise and food!), this is what is making me shine right now.

What are you thankful for right now?

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