Thankful Thursday- 9.2.10

Thankful Thursday- 9.2.10

September 3, 2010 /

-I’m thankful that it’s September. I love when September rolls around and the students come back to campus. It gives the university such a different vibe and reminds us they’re the reason we’re all here.

-I’m thankful for baseball games with friends. We went to the Quakes game last night and I don’t think I really paid attention but it was fun to talk, dance and sing with all of them.

-I’m thankful for new shoes. yum. New shoes.

-I’m thankful that people are interested in having me photograph their families. ME! Crazy!

-I’m thankful that I’ve chilled out lately. Things that would normally tick me off have sent me off laughing instead. Whew.

-Thankful for Ohana frozen yogurt. oooooo, let’s go tonight!!

-As always…. this guy. Ugh… you guys don’t even know!

What are you thankful for?

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