May 6, 2011 /

See this guy?  Yeah…. this one.

Don’t let that sweet face fool you.  This guy is a stinker.

The other night we were in bed, winding down and it was HOT.  Hot hot hot.  Our downstairs has usually cooled down by bedtime but upstairs has been a solid 80 degrees at bedtime.  So, I’m sprawled out, sweating and generally complaining because I’m so hot.  I think he’s rolling over to kiss me good night when I feel this cold liquid all over my back. HE POURED WATER ON ME.  I jump up and yelped, “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!”  I’m annoyed but I’m also trying to dang hard not to laugh.  This is NOT ok, ok?  But it was funny.  I can admit it.  His reason?

“You said you were hot”

Yes.  Yes I did.  But it did mean he had to sleep with my set of sheets and blankets which were now nice and damp.

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