Side Note

Side Note

January 3, 2011 /
I couldn’t sleep last night. I tossed and turned all night. Call it “back-to-work blues” or whatever but I was kind of in a funk. Some of it was stupid, personal stuff that was of my own doing but another part was weird. There was a phrase that kept running through my head:



We are the lucky ones.



The “we” being me and the Hubs. We are so lucky. Maybe lucky isn’t the word, but fortunate. We do create a lot of our “luck” by actively seeking out new opportunities and keeping ourselves healthy. But these things just kept running through my head.



We both have jobs.


We live in a beautiful home.


We have extremely generous families (both through gifts and their time).


We have supportive friends.


We have food in the house.


We have the luxury to do fun things.


We have a comfy bed and the ability to use our heater.


We have the time to do the things we love.



Of course I didn’t want to go back to work this week. I was dreading checking my email (which wasn’t bad at all). I don’t want to sit in an office on my computer while the Hubs gets one more week off work. I want to lounge around, play with my new toys, go to the movies and just chill. But then I start thinking about those people who are praying for a job. That all-consuming prayer when you don’t have one and would take anything that came your way. Or those with a spouse out of work, who get up every morning and beat themselves up because they can’t provide for their family.



I know the feeling, we’ve been there. Last year at this time, we were miserable. How amazing it feels to be at the top of the emotional spectrum instead of the bottom. There are so many opportunities available to us now. Back when I talked about Blooming Where We Are Planted, we took it to heart and things really turned around. We opened ourselves to new things and took on new challenges that have changed us for the better.



So, we are the lucky ones. We are the fortunate ones. We aren’t sleeping out in the cold tonight. We have food. We have our health. We have each other.



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