November 12, 2010 /
Do you guys like Christmas cards? I LOVE Christmas cards. I like any cards, really. I think it’s because I like getting mail. I might be kind of obsessed with it, actually. Every day I run into the house and ask, “Did we get any mail today?” Hubs probably thinks I’m waiting for something or to hide a piece of mail from him but it’s just that I love getting personal mail of any kind.

That’s why when I saw this opportunity on Katie’s blog, I had to jump on it! I’ve used Shutterfly for a lot of projects in the past (one of them being our photo guest book at our wedding) but the chance to get 50 free cards was just too good to pass up! I’ve loved using Shutterfly because they are constantly having a sale, they have super fast delivery and their products are very high quality. What’s not to love?

So I started looking through all the Christmas cards and they have SUCH great ones this year:


Of course, I started with the Photo Christmas Cards

This one is super cute. I like the idea of updating friends about your family and really like that it’s only a couple of lines. Plus, those little boys are adorable.


Love this one. It’s simple but a nice change from just one picture.

I LOVE blue and red together for Christmas. We did that for our card last year. So I’m thinking I may mix it up this year. But this is still sweet. Nice and simple.

I love me some monograms. We have M’s all over the house. So of course this one spoke to me. We definitely don’t have enough pictures to fill it up though.

This one may be my absolute fav. Isn’t it great? I love the message. Plus it’s my favorite Christmas song!

And if Christmas isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with a holiday card.

There are so many more great gift ideas on Shutterfly’s site. Makes me want to have kids so I can plaster them all over a calendar or a mug. 🙂 Just kidding Hubs! (Sorta. But really.)

So go! Check them out. I dare you to find just one that you like. And if you’re a blogger, you could get 50 cards free too! Check it out here:

Just act surprised when you guys get one in the mail, ok?

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