Redlands Photographer | Jeanette and Jonathan: Married!

Redlands Photographer | Jeanette and Jonathan: Married!

It all started last summer.  Jonathan and Jeanette were cast as the Captain and Maria Von Trapp in the Sound of Music at Lifehouse Theater in Redlands.  During her speech, Jeanette’s sister Sarah said she knew there was something special even before the show started but that Jonathan and Jeanette didn’t quite know it yet.

Their kisses started getting longer every night.  So much so, that the nuns started to time them backstage.  The last night, neither Jonathan or Jeanette wanted the show to end.  And that night, one of the nuns timed the longest kiss yet.  Jonathan asked her out on a date once the show was over and that was that.

But it wasn’t the last time these two were in the Sound of Music.  They reprised their roles this summer at the Redlands Bowl and captivated an even bigger audience.  The production was magical and they slipped right back into their roles, this time savoring each kiss scene a little bit more.

It was a hot day, but you would never know it looking at these two.  A gorgeous, sunny day in Redlands was just what the dr. ordered for this beautiful wedding.  Highlights of the day were when Jeanette’s maids and mom prayed with her before the ceremony and when her dad saw her for the first time.  Oh! and when the bridesmaids all belted out “Going to the Chapel” before the ceremony!

Something to also note were how easy these two were to photograph.  You can just feel the love emanating from every pore and how much their families love them.  We didn’t have much power for the reception but nothing fazed these two!  Congratulations, Briggs family!  Many happy wishes for the years to come.

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