Redlands Photographer: Behind the Scenes!

Redlands Photographer: Behind the Scenes!

February 20, 2016 /



I just realized I have never had a single behind-the-scenes post before! Shame on me, bad photographer!  Here is one of my favorite places to photograph my favorite subjects…. my kids!

If you have followed me for any amount of time (FB, Instagram, etc) you would know a lot of my photos are taken with this blue backdrop.  You have probably guess (correctly) that it is on a bed in one of our bedrooms.  Welcome to our front room/guest room/office!


Just look at that sweet face.

I always love it when photographers pull back from their pictures and show what their surrounds are really like.  As you can see, it is our guest bed and the blue wall I have purposefully left blank.  Now I always have a clean background! You can see to the left all the pillows and blankets I have flung off the bed. To the right are three windows (one shown).  The blinds are up on two of them and the third is by my desk and wouldn’t make any difference with the light.  Sometimes the window back there will have the curtain pulled aside but as you can see, there would be a huge hot spot to the back right and so the curtain is drawn.  The large window not shown has the curtain pulled back (you can just make out a hot spot on the front corner of the bed). This room gets the most natural light and is gorgeous almost every hour of sunlight.

Right behind me is my desk and picture wall (which I can post about another time but trust me… it’s incredibly messy right now).

My sweet model had just woken up from a nap and was still a bit bleary-eyed.  But I LOVE these jammies of hers and they needed to be captured.  Brother was out shopping with dad, but usually he jumping right up there with her.

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Strawberry feet!


When I put my camera down, the sun caught on the lens and sent up reflection on the wall.  She was fascinated.

So there ya go! Not fancy at all but a great spot to capture my babies.

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