Redlands Maternity Photographer: Jessica and Jim | Maternity!

Redlands Maternity Photographer: Jessica and Jim | Maternity!

September 15, 2014 /


Jess and Jim moved to Iowa about 16 months ago.  That may not mean anything to you, but to my husband, me and our group of friends it has left a huge hole in our lives.  They used to live right around the corner from us and it was so easy for us to drop by each others houses.  Jim and Lysander would go golfing together.  Jess would meet up with all of us girls.  We wish they would move back soon but it’s not in the plans just yet.

Jess and Jim are expecting their first child this coming December. We are all so incredibly thrilled for them but also sad they will not be close so we can love on their sweet little boy.  They were in town last weekend for their baby showers and we squeezed in a maternity session.  They are so much fun to photograph!  You can tell they’re both excited to meet their little man soon.

J&J, we are INCREDIBLY excited to meet your new addition.  We love you and call anytime you need to talk all things boy 🙂


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