March 16, 2011 /

Well peeps, I’m rounding the corner on to week 2 of p90x. I really do love the program but man, I don’t know when I WON’T be sore. I was sore from day 2’s workout until day 5. DAY 5. It’s kind of killer. If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask. It is legit but I do a different diet plan than they do. Mine’s more sustainable and less expensive 🙂

Can you believe it’s the middle of March? What the heck happened? Here I was, ringing in the New Year and it’s almost a quarter of the way through the year? Just ain’t fittin’, especially with all that I want to do!

I have Henry Chen’s wedding photography workshop next week and I’m seriously squeee-ing over here. I can only go to one day (harumph) because of work but I’m planning on sucking it all up while I can with the time I’m given. I can’t wait to meet the other photographers. It makes me feel better that a lot of us are just starting out. I feel like such a noob.

I get to go home early from work today! I worked late this week and I’m so excited since today is a beautiful day in the neighborhood. For realz. It’s gorgeous today and I can’t wait to take a walk around the ‘hood with the Hubs. It will be the first time we get to appreciate the time change and soak in the sun. Plus, I have to do my p90x for the day since I slept in. I was so dang tired this morning I could hardly get out of bed.

I hear it’s going to POUR here this weekend. I’m looking forward to cozying up in bed, watching movies and making popcorn. Although, we make popcorn a lot so that’s not really a treat. But it kind of is because our popcorn machine is still amazing and totally worth it.

Both of our cars went in for work today. This may not be exciting to you, but as we were leaving, there was this mural on the side of the wall that I HAVE to use in a photoshoot someday. I love little surprises like that!

I just had to call the Hubs to tell him to take out a soda that I put in the freezer for lunch. What would I do if he wasn’t there?

New blog post later tonight with engagement pictures. I can’t wait to put them up!

Want to act a random fact? Feel free!

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