Precioussss II

Precioussss II

July 30, 2010 /

When I started buying lens for my camera, I quickly realized I was running out of room to safely hold them all. Sure, I could store them in my hall closet but what if I wanted to take them all with me? I had them crammed into a small Nikon camera bag that made me nervous every time I took it out of the closet. Plus, I couldn’t take my point and shoot with me since there wasn’t room. OHHHH my first-world problems!

For my birthday/graduation I asked for money so I could buy a functional and stylish bag that held just about everything. Then I researched. I researched the heck out of it. Turns out, there aren’t a whole lot of camera bags that are feminine but not outright girly.

Until this one. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to my new precious. Lola, by Epiphanie.

Comes with this cute tag. Although, I clearly touched it a little too much. Fingerprints, ew.

Look at the inside! So roomy and violety. You could seriously throw this around and knock someone out, there’s that much padding in there. So, not only gorgeous but better than Mace.
It also comes with a long strap so you can carry it across your shoulder. I love that. It makes it easier to grab the camera and go.

It’s also not bigger than any other purse I own. And I own some big purses. Holla. And yes. I recently cut my hair. *sigh of relief*

But here’s the kicker. The camera came in this big box and apparently the UPS guy had something against my wish for a cute camera bag…

Look at the size of that guy’s foot! I mean seriously, he must have had his cranky pants cinched up real tight today. I’m glad it was a bag and not an antique tea set. Or a vase. Or something breakable.

P.S. Epiphanie Bags has no idea who I am. I’m just writing because I’m loving my new bag and I look at it lovingly, longing to get outside and really use it. Uuuuuuuuuse it.

Do you have a new obsession? Or maybe just a long-standing one?

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