Pie Time!

Pie Time!

September 15, 2010 /

When I was in college, my ex-boyfriend was in a fraternity. Not just any fraternity, but a music fraternity. I’m not going to make fun of it, not that there’s anything to make fun of. I was in the music sorority, for crying out loud! And what did I do during their epic, 4 hour long meetings? I worked in the music building and friends came to visit.

During one of these visits, my friend Amanda said, “You know what? Let’s get out of here and get some pie.” So that’s what we did! We went to try and find some pie. But there was no place open that was serving pie! We ended up at IHOP and had pancakes instead. But after that, anytime we wanted to just ditch the boys/work, we called it “pie time”.

Well, this Sunday, we didn’t ditch the boys but we did have pie time! The Hubs played a gig at Riley Farm and picked up this humongous pie. And when I say humongous, I mean huge. We had to have people over to help us with it.

Hubs serving M some fabulousness.

Look at all those apples!

P showcasing the pie.

My favorite. Watching football.

Needless to say, with all those apples and cinnamon and sugar, that pie was gooooood. Have you have anything fabulously tasty lately?

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