March 3, 2011 /

We went to an Oscar party on Sunday. We do parties right in this group. Good food, lots of people, appropriate ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the dresses, yelling for people to hurry up and get off the stage, scorecards. You know, the usual.

The host sent out an email a couple weeks before the party asking people to bring food. She made a joke by saying this: “If somebody is inspired by Social Network to bring appletinis, that sounds fine to me! Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share. Maybe tortillas from Toy Story 3, or strawberry cake from Black Swan, or fried squirrel from Winter’s Bone. (Please no meth.)”

I decided to make a cake but not strawberry cake. I was going to make chocolate cake. You know, BLACK Swan, Chocolate cake? Then the Hubs said, “Why not do chocolate cake with white frosting? Wasn’t she also a white swan?” GENIUS! Why didn’t I think of that? To be fair, I did think to put it on my black cake stand.

Then he goes, “We should put feathers on it!” Ok, so… I would just like to point out that I would totally have come up with this but he beat me to it. I knew I was over-the-top but I’m just so glad I ended up with someone who totally thinks like I do (and thinks like this crowd that we partied with!).

(Side note, that stupid Mercury insurance commercial just came on and Hubs came by and did a silly dance to it. He makes me laugh)

So we go to Michael’s and find feathers and… well…. oh here, I’ll just show you.


Needless to say… it was a hit.

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