No Real Regrets

No Real Regrets

February 22, 2011 /
As some of you know, I am completely addicted to the website, WeddingBee. It all started when I was engaged and hasn’t died down since the wedding. I check it everyday and even got some great ideas after the wedding (wedding gifts for friends, where I made my album, etc).

Today on the ‘Bee, they had a section for the married Bees to talk about their wedding regrets. I thought it was interested because even though my day was absolutely perfect, there are still somethings I would have done differently.

1. I wish we had hired a videographer. Both of our parents had so lovingly paid for the wedding and I was very careful with their money. I didn’t want them to think I was just throwing it at any little thing I wanted. I saw videography as a want, not a need. But when I think back to that day and the sheer happiness and excitement of it all, I feel a bit pained. I would love to see our reception again. There were so many surprises that the Hubs had for me that I wish I could see them all over again. The toasts by our families and friends were amazing. I know I would cry to see my Father-in-law again but it would have been worth it to have the video. That’s my biggest regret.

2. More pictures of me and the Hubs looking at the camera. It’s my fault for not telling our photographer. I think we only have 1 or 2 but I’d have to go back through our pictures again. I loved our photographer though and don’t regret that decision for a second!!

ummmm, that’s about it. Everything else that “went wrong” wasn’t that big of a deal. We forgot to include the band in the food count (yay for pizza delivery and father-in-law credit cards!), we didn’t get a cake for cutting (we had cupcakes and ordered a little cake but there was a mix up), we had to clean up the reception hall ourselves (all our helpers had to leave for different reasons). But this didn’t put a damper on the night. It made it all the more memorable.

This things I will remember are priceless though:

My mom coming over early the morning of the wedding to wash my hair so my nails didn’t get ruined.

Sitting on the front stoop with her, just soaking it all in.

Getting my make-up done by my cousin.

Our first look.

The excitement building up to the walk down the aisle.

How the priest messed up the order of everything.

Our first dance.

Dancing with my dad and all the amazing things he said to me during it. (It’s making me tear up now!)

My brother crying, thinking the wedding would change everything… when in fact, it made things even better.

His brothers’ speech.

His dad’s speech.

My dad’s speech, complete with red clown nose.

Dancing with my brother.

The inlaws singing “Sweet Caroline” while we cleaned up the reception.

My father in law popping all the balloons that were waiting for us in our car.

Dancing with all of our friends.

Seeing all the people we loved in one room at the same time.

It is an amazing day. I vowed that I would remember as much of it as I could and I truly think I did. For those of you getting married, it truly is a magical day. I was so lucky to have lived it.


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