My Own Kind

My Own Kind

May 25, 2011 /

Growing up, I had some trouble fitting in.  Say I was friends with a girl, then a new girl came along.  It was my nature to welcome that new person in and have her be part of our group.  Slowly but surely, I would be ousted out and left without either friend.  It got a lot better in high school but there was still this feeling of “where do I fit?”.  I definitely hung out with the drama kids but I also liked ASB and had to work really hard to pull in good grades.

When we were touring colleges,  I wasn’t really feeling one college over another.  When we showed up at Redlands, I did my audition and then we went to the Commons for lunch.  I was feeling good, like I had nailed the audition and just really happy with the school.  We got our food at sat down near the giant windows looking over Hunsaker Center.  A girl rushed in with a package she had just picked up from the mail center and proceeded to open it up at the table next to us.  The students all starting oohing and aahing and I craned my neck to see what was the big deal.  She reached into the box and pulled out….

Tap shoes.  They were all flipping over tap shoes.

I looked over at my mom and she quietly said to me… “Coco, I think you’ve found your own kind.”

Guess where I ended up going?

My college experience was awesome.  I really wouldn’t change a thing. But I would have told my college self that it gets even better AFTER school.  When you’re allowed to really pursue what you love to do, you can find people that are truly “your kind”.  The kind that get excited over auditions and new dance shoes.  The kind that appreciate So You Think You Can Dance parties.  The kind who dress up in funny clothes because they know how much it means to camp kids.  The kind that holds Glee watching get togethers every week.  And no one looks at you funny.  You’re not the weird kid because EVERYONE is the weird kid.

I’m so glad I found people of my own kind.  What’s nice is that I married my own kind too!

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