Look Before You Leap

Look Before You Leap

October 27, 2010 /

Did you know I’m doing family portrait sessions right now? I just did one this last weekend and I have one lined up for next weekend. It’s great because it’s people I know, low pressure and I’m basically getting paid in baking supplies. Because I don’t want to set up my own business yet. So there.

So last week’s session was really fun and I’m dying to post pictures but I don’t feel comfortable since I think the prints are going to be Christmas presents to family members. Maybe after Christmas I’ll show them to you guys but it was really a trip. It was 7 people: 2 sisters, their husbands and 3 kids between them. The baby was absolutely adorable and just a hoot to try and photograph. The older girls were pros and knew how to work the camera.

But even in those settings, it was sometimes chaotic. I wanted to get some candids but recognized that this family wants to enlarge the photos for presents so people should be smiling at the camera. But this baby, you guys, this baby was like butter. He was just adorable and I wanted to pick him up and squeeze him. I didn’t, that would be creepy plus he was pretty nervous around my camera.

I’m running around all over the place, looking for fun places to shoot. I’m crouching down, making funny face, running ahead of everyone, taking pictures while they’re walking.

So, I jump on a ledge and take a couple of practice shots before posing the crowd and take a step back to reframe the picture….. and I fall off the ledge.

I fall.off.the.LEDGE.

I scrape up my right hand, my camera bonks the ground and my butt slams into the concrete. Can we say embarrassing? There’s your photographer on the ground holding up her camera yelling, “Is the camera ok?! Is the camera ok!?” and the family is all yelling, “Are YOU ok?! Are you ok?!” I just look up at them and go, “I’m a little more embarrassed than hurt, ifyouknowwhatImean.” They totally understood.

And here’s the thing, that family? They were pros. They got right back to the task at hand and never mentioned it again (although, I will see them tonight so who knows the ribbing I’ll get). But man, I was embarrassed. I brushed it off as a joke and got back to work but I learned a very valuable lesson.

Look before you leap.

Then show off your butt bruise to your husband every chance you get.

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