Let’s Keep This Between Us

Let’s Keep This Between Us

January 26, 2011 /

I think I’m having issues with writer’s block. I haven’t really been blogging lately and it’s lack of ideas. Sure, there’s plenty I could write about but I actively choose not to. There are just certain things that should be kept private.

Some things I will never put on the blog:
1. My job. Other than the passing comment or remark, I will not be pulling a Dooce and getting fired for what I write. I won’t be talking about my boss (unless it’s something funny), her boss or her boss’ boss. There will always be times that I’m frustrated but like many other people, I need a job and this blog isn’t worth getting fired over.

2. The maritals. You know what I’m talkin’ about. Business time.

No one wants to know about it. I don’t want to share it. My mother in law sometimes reads this blog. And so do other in-laws. Hey guys!

So. NO.

3. Specific kids we work with in choir. I may relay funny stories or quotes from them, but I’ll never identify them or put their pictures up without permission. The internet is a cuh-razy place and they don’t need to be out there.

4. Any major family drama. Because MY side of the family sometimes reads this blog. Hey guys!

Just to show you how little topics I have… I shall list them here:
1. Exercise. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Mostly because I’m a giant slacker and only did p90x twice last week. What a bum.

2. Learning how to use my camera better.

3. The steps I’m taking to become a legit photographer (starting my own business…omgi’mtotallyfreakingoutaboutit)

4. The photography specials I will be running in the spring. I gotzta bulk up my portfolio!

5. The spring pageant we picked. The title alone is hilarious.

Speaking of which, since I don’t like blog posts without pictures, here’s Peter’s latest headshots:


So help me guys, what do ya wanna know?

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