Inland Empire Photographer| Heather and Eric: Anytime

Inland Empire Photographer| Heather and Eric: Anytime


Heather and Eric were my first guinea pigs from my free photo session giveaway, and boy, did we have fun. Getting up early on Sunday morning, I was plenty cold but these two are from Idaho and 40 degrees is shorts weather up there! We romped around Prospect Park, had only a couple of visitors and talked about Teen Mom. I have found people of my own kind!

I have always known Heather was great. We’ve done a couple of shows together and actually lived together for about a year. Heather’s got a great sense of humor and it takes the right kind of guy to get it. Heather, you found him! Eric is great, really easy-going and just a nice guy. We like the nice guys, right?

He also makes her laugh. When I got married, Heather gave me a picture of me and the Hubs with the quote “You can never truly love someone with whom you never laugh.” They make each other laugh… and it made my job a lot easier. I had a such a fun time with the two of you… hope to do it again soon. Idaho, perhaps?




Heather, you’re adorable

And Eric… model status.

Totally shows how fun these two are!

heather eric orange



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