I’m back and welcome!

I’m back and welcome!

July 29, 2010 /

Hey all, welcome back to my new and improved blog! Some of you may remember that I had a blog that I started about a year ago right after getting married. I just blogged about random things, home improvements, my friends and my husband.

I had a blog post that I started working on on October 3rd of last year. I had pictures, I had the copy lined up and everything. That night, we found out that my father in law had been hospitalized. He passed away the morning of October 4th. Ever since then, the blog that I had started just seemed so trivial. All of a sudden, my recipe for sweet potato fries and my bathroom paint job didn’t compare to the pain we were all going through. I was also finishing up my master’s degree, working full time and learning how to be a wife. Heh, wife, that sounds so crazy still.

The past 10 months have been a lesson in patience, trust, communication, time management, encouragement and resourcefulness. While I wouldn’t trade them for the world, it would be great to really turn the corner and start a new chapter of our life. I’m really working at blooming where I’m planted and keeping my heart open to new and sometimes scary possibilities.

But hey! I think it’s time to start updating everyone on what I’ve been up to these last 10 months. I have a renewed passion in photography (which explains the blog title). I have my masters degree which opens up so many doors. I have a new job opportunity thanks to a great friend. When New Year’s Eve rolled around, my husband and I said this year’s theme would be “Adventure”. Adventure indeed.

Welcome back everyone, I’m stoked to be here.
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