I Can Finally Spill the Beans!

I Can Finally Spill the Beans!

November 9, 2010 /

Did you hear that screeching from your house/place of work/car?

That would be me. Screeching about something totally exciting.

And no, we’re not pregnant. Did you know married people can have exciting news that ISN’T having a baby? Other stuff happens when you get married, you know. Sheesh.

But really, we’re absolutely thrilled with this opportunity that has landed in our lap.

As you know, we just started a job as children’s choir directors at a local church. The job is probably the funniest, goofiest, craziest thing I’ve ever done (can’t speak for the Hubs) but the fact that we get to hang with these kids and teach them music is a pretty cool thing.

About 3 weeks ago, the Hubs and I were in JCPenney, picking out some new clothes when I get this phone call from one of the choir moms. She’s talking really fast about this guy who needs a choir for this Christmas Concert. Ok, cool. We can see if it works with our choir schedule and if so, yes.

I call her back when I’m not in a loud store and she tells me about this world-reknown violinist who does these over the top concerts. He is coming to our area and he needs a children’s choir for a song in his concert. Ok, still thinking it’s cool. Whatevs.

I then start researching the guy and realize this is bigger than we both had originally thought. I actually started shaking at work after I watched the video that his manager had passed along.

I talk to my family and friends and they all know this guy and his music and love his concerts (well, some of them love his concerts but my aunt nearly had a heart attack and is already looking for tickets).

So this December, our choir kids will be performing with Andre Rieu in his Christmas concert.

Well, hello to you too.

















Seriously. I still can’t believe it. Here’s what they will be performing.

It totally gives me chills. And the fact that our kids get to perform it, it’s just incredible. I have to thank the previous choir director for building this program to what it is today and giving us this opportunity. eeeeeeeee!!!

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