I can do that

I can do that

February 22, 2011 /

I can do that. I can do that.


This rings through my head all day. I love looking at photographers’ websites and getting ideas. Not stealing, learning. And all in the name of research. Poses, lighting, locations, focal points, bokeh… I can do that.


I’m constantly singing that song from “A Chorus Line”. That one where the guy sits on the sidelines while his sister is in dance class and he knows he could dance like that too. So he does. And he becomes this amazing dancer because he knows he can. He felt this pull to dance. “I’m watching Sis go pitter-pat, said ‘I can do that. I can do that.'”

(This is where I’m supposed to post the video but YouTube won’t let me! Check it out here. Plus the guy can dance.)


I feel pulled to dance. Pulled to sing and dance and act. Bake and cook and create. Photograph and act like a crazy person for the sake of making art. Have you seen me photograph children? I look like a monkey. Have you seen me teach 4 year olds how to dance? (Don’t answer that, some of you) I love it.


I am pulled to create, to make things for other peoples’ enjoyment. I want to make people smile and laugh and enjoy themselves and their life. To remember the good things and not the stupid, mundane and trivial.


Whatever you feel pulled to do, I encourage you to do it. No matter how scary, crazy, silly you feel doing it. Because the rush that you get… whether it be writing, photographing, singing, dancing, running, gardening, WHATEVER. Whatever it is, your payback makes the fear of jumping in worth it.

What’s your thing? What’s that thing that, if you won the lottery and could quit your job, you would do it for the rest of your life?

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