October 4, 2010 /
I’m a greedy greedy girl. There was a time in my life where my mom would ask me what I wanted for Christmas or for my birthday and I couldn’t think of a thing. SERIOUSLY? I can list of tons of things I want now. They are definitely not needs but man, I want want want all the time.
1. Unlimited shopping sprees at Target. Holy smokes, every time I go there I find about 15 things I want. Do I need more clothes? No but they are very clever at getting me to think I do.
2. New camera equipment. I’m doing all my stuff on a Nikon D40, which is a great starter SLR. But I covet. Ohhhh how I covet the Nikon D700, with a 50mm 1.4. Ooo and a 24-70mm but now I’m just getting greedy. I also want a nice flash but I don’t want to start buying flashes and lenses that aren’t compatible with what I have now.

3. Photoshop and Kubota actions. Yummy. I would buy an expensive package for the Magic Sharpener alone.

4. This necklace. You see the name of it?? It’s like it was meant to be!

5. An external hard drive and a DVD burner for CDs. You know, so my computer can run at a normal speed.

6. A pair of TOMS shoes. I really like the grey ones. yum.

7. A Garmin 305 since I’m trying to really stick with the running thing. And a couple more running capris.

hmmmm, is anyone seeing a trend with my gimmie-gimmies this week?

Anyone else a greedy cakes this week? Because, oh man, I would feel awful if I was alone in this!!

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