Deep Breath

Deep Breath

December 15, 2010 /

I am so so sorry everyone! It seems like I have had barely any time to breath, much less blog!

To catch up, I have been in rehearsals every night for “Scrooge” and last week I came down with something awful. It was all in my throat and nose but man was it obnoxious. After rehearsing the show for 6 weeks, I couldn’t even sing! I just had to make due with mouthing the words and killing it on choreography.

Last night was the last show which was bittersweet. I will love getting my nights back but I will miss being on stage and miss the cast. We’ve had a great time and I wouldn’t have minded if this was a longer run. But there will be other shows in the future and I love this theater company. Plus, we just found out that this company will be doing the show at the Bowl next year… so there’s that to look forward to (if I do it. Which I’m still on the fence about.).

Here’s a fun picture from the show. I’m second from the left. (Thanks Judi for the great picture!)

I can’t believe Christmas is in a week and a half. I’m ready but not. I’m excited to spend time with family but if I’m really honest I just want to spend my days off curled up in my bed, watching trashy shows. Maybe it’s because my weekends have been insane lately and I haven’t really gotten a break.

But I can’t complain about being busy because it’s all doing something I love. The children’s pageant came off great this last weekend, for which we’re so grateful. It was fun to watch the kids’ faces when they would get reactions from the audience. I loved that the first question out of the kids’ mouths was “What’s the spring pageant going to be?” LOVE it!

But for now, I’m getting ready for the holiday break, finishing up work, cast party tonight, friend party tomorrow night, another party Saturday night and choir singing twice in church on Sunday. THEN I’ll be able to stop and chill.

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