But You Gotta Have Frieeeeeeends!

But You Gotta Have Frieeeeeeends!

April 28, 2011 /


Once upon a time, I worked for a School of Music. It was one of the best jobs ever. 8 – 5, no real stress and I got to hang out with my peeps… the music peeps. I thought I had met some great people when I was in school but I really met my friends when I worked there. One of those friends was Bryan. Bryan is crazy. Everything thinks of him as this off-the-wall guy who just runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. But really, he’s great. He’s a good guy, really funny and extremely talented.

Then Michelle. Michelle was the first girl friend that I’ve had that I’ve never felt competition with. We just complement each other. There’s no bad-talking, no rivalries, nothing. It’s really fun to have a friend like her. Plus, she’s a soprano and I’m an alto… thus, no competition for parts in shows 😉

When they came to visit last week, I knew we were going to have a good time. I was right… AND my expectations were surpassed. We stuffed ourselves silly, ran around shopping and danced and sang all around Redlands.

Want to see?

I made Michelle and Bryan act like a couple so I could work on posing.





Cute right? Then they did this…


Of course I had to get in on the fun.


I don’t even want to tell you what Bryan was singing to cause this reaction.

We can be calm and sweet once in awhile. The Three Muskateers struck again in Redlands!

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