Blobbity blob blob blob

Blobbity blob blob blob

September 19, 2010 /

You guys, I’ve been eating like crap lately. Every time I went to the store, I would buy chips… just this once. Then it turned into baking like I used to (but now there’s only two of us instead of a household full of people to get rid of my stress-baking delights), coffee cake every weekend, makeshift dinners full of fat instead of yummy veggies.

Yesteryda, I was putting around the kitchen when I had a piece of candy and it just didn’t taste good anymore. For everyone who knows me, I KNOW RIGHT?! That’s totally crazy. I can down candy like a crazy kid on Halloween. oooooo Halloween. That’s coming up, huh?

So today I made a special trip to Stater Bros. which has the most decently priced produce.

And holy cow, we’re in the money. I made a pepper salad complete with all three color peppers, red onion and cucumber. I made Mexican veggie lasagna for last night’s dinner. We have a bowl full of apples, peaches and nectarines on the dining room table. I have canned pumpkin with grand plans to bump up my Green Monsters in the morning. I also had oatmeal and man was that good. I’m going to try overnight oats and then check back in with a review.

Oh yeah, I also worked out with Jillian Michaels yesterday. People, I am SO out of shape. It’s absolutely insane how 2 months with nothing and I can’t make it through a 20 minute routine. But today is another day and I’m excited to get back into a routine. And now that I work from 9-6, I can get up at the same time but can now fit in a work out. So yeah, I’m pumped.

This was my kitchen before dinner. Yum. I’ve missed eating food and still feeling great afterwards.


Have you ever just through in the towel and started eating right? I just missed how fruits and veggies taste and it was like a light switch going on!

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