Always Learning

Always Learning

April 6, 2011 /

A couple weekends ago, I had the privilege of assisting our wedding photographer, Henry Chen. The wedding? GORGEOUS. Absolutely beautiful in two great locations. I definitely learned a lot, although I don’t know how much help I was to Henry. I don’t have much experience in the way of cameras and equipment but I tried my best and that’s what counts, right? While I won’t go into what I did, I do want to say what I learned since it should help people who are planning a wedding and photographers alike.

1. Have a list of the family formal shots. Here’s the biggest thing though, have someone who knows EVERYONE on the list and will call the shots. Have them get people “on deck” so to speak for the next pictures. This makes everything go much faster.

2. Clean up your prep room. This is where the bride gets ready. Of course, there is going to be stuff everywhere but you can help out the photographer a bit by stashing water bottles, food, bags, etc. It means less work in Photoshop.

3. Have fun! Everyone was having a good time and they were relaxed. This definitely comes across in photos and you can tell when someone is faking it (these guys weren’t faking it).

4. Enjoy your day. The couple sat and ate dinner. They enjoyed what they had prepared and worked so hard for.

5. If you’re worried about people not getting up and dancing, find a fun band that will do it for you. This band got people on their feet and dancing!

6. Overcast days are perfect for picture taking (already knew that but this confirmed it!)

7. Be ready for the unexpected and embrace it.

8. Don’t get behind a slow bus when going from the prep room to the church. Ugh.

9. Have maps printed out AND a GPS. Trust me, just do.

10. Smile. Smile smile smile smile smile. Just do it. Smile.

So, I hope to be asked back but if not I know that I learned from this and will use it going forward. It was great working with Henry and his second shooter, Brian. The venue was awesome, the food great and the bridal party was hilarious. Thanks for letting me come along, Henry!

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