A Work in Progress

A Work in Progress

October 25, 2010 /

We finished the 2nd bedroom this weekend! And by finished, I mean there’s still crap all over the place but the bed is assembled and the curtains are up. Hurray!

But really though, it looked so good but then I decided to go through all my summer clothes and put them out in the garage, which meant my “winter” (said loosely, in Southern California) clothes had to be washed, dried, aired out, what have you. So have clothes on the bed, odds and ends in the chair and stuff that just needs to find a new home. And we need a couple of different pictures on the wall.

Ok, so maybe it’s not finished.


BUT! We did have a fun weekend, nevertheless. I didn’t really see the Hubs on Saturday. Ships passing in the night and all that jazz. But yesterday we did our thing at the Church with the kids and the music. We have huge exciting news about that whole deal coming up soon. I can’t wait!

Side note: The kids were cuh-razy cakes yesterday. Half of them were asleep and the other half were hyped up on something. I think they ate suger coated chocolate bombs for breakfast because there was kicking and arm flailing and shouting instead of singing. Looking back now, it’s hilarious. But yesterday was a test in patience for sure. The previous choir director was like, “uh huh. Just you wait. It only gets better.” Then Hubs reminded me that next week was Halloween and a clear recipe for disaster. And I crawled into the corner and sucked my thumb.

Then in the afternoon, we went apple picking with friends in Oak Glen.

And by apple picking, I mean Hubs picked two apples and I took a ton of pictures. The end.

But it’s not the end! You want to see pictures, don’tcha?

J and J recreating American Gothic

K and S enjoying the scenery

Me and K posing for our Girls of Oak Glen Calendar

K’s creepin’

Classic Hubs

2/3rds of our pledge class with a pony.

The Hubs (in my favorite hat)and me.

I’m Brian Fellows!

As you can see, we had a great time. We ended the night back at J’s house where we feasted on Cuca’s burritos and watched football. And I almost fell asleep on her couch.

What did you do this weekend?

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