A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

February 26, 2016 /

I have seen a Day in the Life posts around the internet and thought it would be a fun project.  Now that I’m headed back to the office next week, we won’t be around for trash day for 3 months so what better day to document than trash day!

Today is February 25, 2016.  I am 33 years old, Sawyer is 2 years 10 months and Callie is 7 months.  Thursday is Trash Day, hurray!

I was slacking a little bit at the end of the day and didn’t bust out the big camera until Callie’s morning nap.  So a few pictures are taken with my phone.

6:15am – Sawyer is up and running.  Lysander jumps in the shower and we ignore Sawyer’s pleas to get in the shower as well.  We have found that when he gets in the shower in the morning, it turns into a knockdown fight when it’s time to get out.  We just don’t want to start our mornings that way.  This morning though, he puts up quite a fight and it turns out to be a rough morning anyway.  You win some, you lose some.

6:45am – Callie is awake!  Sawyer and Lysander are downstairs getting breakfast and I get Callie changed and dressed.

7:00am – I’m eating breakfast, Callie has Cheerios and Sawyer has his cereal.  The movie of the month is Emperor’s New Groove and we watch while we all wake up.  We play on the floor and since Callie is starting to scoot and crawl, I do a quick once over of the rug and make sure nothing is hiding in there.


Planking is cool.

Mornings are typically spent cleaning up the kitchen, coloring, playing with trucks, and playing this new awesome game called, “Let’s Take a Nap”.  For reals, we lay down on the floor with pillows and blankets and pretend we’re asleep.  It’s my favorite thing ever.

8:30am – Callie goes down for her morning nap.  She drinks only 4oz at a time still, she has no interest in more.  She goes down super easy since she was pretty tired.


Sawyer and I work in my office this morning. I’m answering emails and he’s working on very important notes.  February16-8

And jumping around the bed.February16-9

And pretending he’s a trash truck and dumping my trash can all over the floor.  Sawyer the trashman did end up picking it all up eventually. (No judgement on the cords, the kids aren’t usually allowed in here)


Then I spend 15 minutes spinning him around in my office chair.  I haven’t seen him laugh that hard in a long time!


I take a selfie to prove I’m here today.  Oh dear god, look at those eye bags.  Mama needs a nap.


Sawyer plays hide and seek in the curtains.  He’s having a fantastic time this morning. I think the novelty of being in my office is kicking in.  Plus it gives us the best vantage point to spot the trash truck!



10:30am – Callie’s awake!  She’s cranky but quickly warms up to us since Sawyer is one of her most favorite people in the entire world.

February16-15 February16-16

We’re still waiting for the trash truck so we play with head bands, boxes of wipes, Sawyer pretends to spray Callie with water (it’s a thing) and start jumping on the bed!

February16-17 February16-18 February16-19 February16-20 February16-21

He’s not allowed to jump on our bed or his… but daddy didn’t say anything about jumping on the guest bed!

February16-22 February16-23

Oh man, these pillows are just in the way.  Outta here!


Callie is helping mama by eating her camera strap.


It’s delicious.

February16-26 February16-27

11:00am – Trashman is here!  Green waste already came but the trash and recycling guys are our buddies.  Right now it’s the trash man.  We go out and wave.


And so does our neighbor and best friend, Connor!


Connor and his mama come over and Sawyer decides he’s going over to Connor’s house.  Brennen generously takes Sawyer over while I get a shower and Callie gets a bath.  Hurray for feeling human again!


11:30am – Headed over to the neighbor’s.  We actually hung out there until 1:30!  No pictures since that’s weird to take pictures in someone else’s house. The recycling man comes while we’re over there and the boys run out front and do a happy dance.

1:30pm – It’s the lunch rush! I plop Callie in her high chair and toss some Cheerios on her tray while I make Sawyer’s lunch and a bottle for Callie.  Turn on Mighty Machines (Mighty Machines…. big and mighty machines… working for you, doing mighty things they’re (dun dun) mighty machines!) and I run upstairs with Callie.  Change her diaper, feed her and put her in her crib.  Sawyer had a meltdown leaving Connor’s so I stay upstairs a tiny bit longer to let him work out his frustrations while eating.

2:00pm – Nap time! Put Sawyer’s diaper on, read a couple of books and lights out.  He’s super tired right now so there’s no fight and I end up falling asleep next to him.  Ahhhhhh bliss! Nothing better then a tired toddler snuggling up to you and falling asleep.

3:50pm – Callie is up.  Run in there, hoping to get to her before Sawyer hears her.  Change her and head downstairs.  Pop her back in the high chair and I hear Sawyer run downstairs.  He absolutely adores her and no one makes her laugh like he does!


Callie’s got some puffs and a bottle.  Sawyer has some Pirate’s Booty and milk.  It takes him a little while to warm up after a nap so he eats in silence while zoning out on the couch.

February16-31 February16-32

Back to playing on the floor!  Callie is scooting around, Sawyer is all over the place with his trucks.  And at 5:00pm the best part of the day……


DADDY’S HOOOOOOOOOME!  I think it’s a 3- way tie on who loves him the most in this house.

Um, excuse me dad, you’re blocking my view of brother.


Nope, still in the way.


Dad’s the best.  We all agree.


Sawyer finds a drum and some drum sticks and it’s an all out party!



Tell us how you really feel, Callie.


February16-40 February16-41

Usually we start dinner right about now, but we’re off to something fun tonight. My friend’s mom teaches for the School of Education and this is our second time talking to her Child Development class.  It’s about an hour and we talk about the kids, our home life, our story and just let them observe Sawyer and Callie.  Sawyer was pretty shy until we busted out the plush football and… well… the night ended like this.


So you could say he was pretty comfortable.

7:30pm – We head back home and split up: L taking Sawyer upstairs for shower and bed, me feeding Callie and putting her down for the night.

8:00pm – I try to sneak in and take a sweet picture of story time, but I’m caught.


Cheeser!  He does relax for a second so I snap a quick one.

And here I am!  Wrapping up around 9:30pm and will head off to bed soon.  Although the nap really really helped so I’m doing alright.  Maybe do some reading, which has fallen by the wayside and it’s been a little sad.  But all in all, a pretty good day!  The laundry is going now, I could go empty the dishwasher but that doesn’t sound very fun 🙂


And with that, good night!

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