San Diego Photographer: Katie | Senior

May 17, 2012 /

Who’s ready for a gorgeous senior?  Me! Pick me!  Katie is graduating from high school this year and is off to UC Davis.  Congrats girl!  Katie is smart, funny and just about the nicest girl you could ever meet.  I may be a liiiiittle biased, seeing as she’s my cousin. […]


Palm Desert Photographer: Keeran Family | Family Session

March 26, 2012 /

College is just nuts, if you think about it.  You’re thrown together with all these kids who are the same age as you.  You’re expected to live with someone you’ve never met before.  You stay up late, you get up early, you try things you’ve never tried before (like me […]


Redlands Photographer: Hall Family | Family Session

February 7, 2012 /

This family was all about fun.  The shoot just went on and on because they had the most fun, silliest ideas for photos.  All three of the teens were up for anything and loved to strike poses.  I find with a lot of my photo shoots everyone is a little […]


Redlands Photographer: Horter Family | Family Session

December 4, 2011 /

Woooooooo WEE I was so lucky on Saturday.  I got to hang out with Greg, Lori, Reagan and Sarah.  I met Greg and Lori through my last job in Alumni Relations and I appreciated Greg’s wacked-out sense of humor.  It matches very closely to mine 🙂  So when Greg called […]


Redlands Photographer: Faller Family | Family Session

November 16, 2011 /

I was a cheerleader in college. Go ahead and laugh…I’ll wait. We good?  Ok.  So yes, in college I was a cheerleader for a whole entire semester.  And THIS guy was on the team.  But, unlike me, he didn’t last the whole semester and I’ll never let him forget it.  […]


Redlands Photographer: Natalie | Senior

November 9, 2011 /

Sometimes, you’re just lucky enough to have clients who are naturals.  You hardly have to give direction, they go along with your crazy ideas and look like they’re having a good time doing it.  This was exactly how Natalie and I interacted last Sunday.  She got up early on her […]


Redlands Photographer | Mulkey Family: Family Session

October 17, 2011 /

Any family who shows up in matching Chucks… well, they’re winners in my book!  I met Kristen this summer during our marathon So You Think You Can Dance sessions and was struck by how fun she is.  I was excited to meet her family as well.  They didn’t disappoint.  I […]


Redlands Photographer | Watts Family: Family Session

October 6, 2011 /

  I couldn’t wait a single second longer to show you this session!  The Watts family is very special in our world.  Many times Lysander and I have said to each other, “I hope we can raise our children like the Watts family”.  Judi and Ray are shining examples of […]


Redlands Photographer | Hernandez Family : Family Session

October 5, 2011 /

Thought you all would like to see the fun time I had with the Hernandez girls 🙂  I have known their mom from my days in Alumni Relations and now the girls are in our children’s choir at church!  Funny how life works out like that. When I met them […]


Redlands Photographer | Rafter Family: Families

September 28, 2011 /

I’m so excited to share this amazing family with you!  Ali and I were in a musical together last year.  I actually know her sister, Desiree, through musicals as well.  You’ll see Desiree in a couple of weeks 🙂 But Ali and I were in Music Man together as Pick-A-Little […]