Redlands Engagement Photographer: Athena and Justin | Engaged!

Athena and Justin were so much fun to photograph!  We ran all around downtown Redlands, with a huge thank you to Sweet Memories Candy Store.  They even opened packages of toys for us to play with!  Our next stop was Prospect Park, where the flowers were in bloom.  You can […]


Redlands Photographer: Brenna and Will | Engaged!

  Brenna and Will met at the University of Redlands so what better place to take engagement pictures!  If this session is any indication, their wedding will be a BLAST!  One of their favorite hangouts while they were at the U of R was Hangar 24 Brewery.  We can’t thank […]


San Diego Photographer: Kelsey and Christian | Engaged!

August 27, 2014 /

  When Christian and I were growing up, he fought like cats and dogs.  He was into sports, I embarrassed him by being involved with theater and sang show tunes when his friends were over.  He is super smart and I have to work doubly hard to get good grades. […]


Redlands Photographer: Karmen and Jeff | Engaged!

March 17, 2014 /

You know those people that the instant you meet them, you just know they “click”?  Jeff and Karmen just click!  You can tell that these two are crazy about each other.  We spent last Sunday morning walking around Redlands, starting off at their adorable house, traveling down to Olive Ave […]


Redlands Photographer: Bryan and Jillian | Anniversary!

January 10, 2014 /

Now these two were FUN!  Bryan and Jillian are celebrating one wonderful year of marriage.  We went back to the scene of the crime, where it all started… Joe Greensleeves!  Bryan actually owns Joe Greensleeves so we got to go anywhere we wanted, even the roof.  Not going to lie, […]