So how does a woman who majored in music, got an MBA, still performs in musicals, and loves going to the gym at 5am become a wedding photographer? I’ll tell you…

I have NO FREAKIN’ IDEA.  If you had told me in college this is what I was going to be when I “grew up” I would have given you the weirdest look and told you to get away from me.  I honestly never knew what I wanted to me. But I can tell you one thing: I absolutely ADORE being a photographer. It is the best job I’ve ever had.

I picked up a camera for real after I got married 10 years ago.  Yikes, that makes me feel old. But seriously, we had such an amazing time with our photographer, I wanted to give that same experience to other people.  Only problem… I didn’t want to shoot weddings. NO. FREAKING. WAY was I going to shoot weddings. Too scary, too permanent, too much pressure. So I photographed friends, and kids, and babies, and seniors and was having a great time. Then a friend asked me to photograph her wedding.  NOPE. I actually told her no. She insisted. I said “You do know I have no wedding experience, right?” She still insisted.

And here we are! AND I LOVE IT.  My couples can attest that I have a smile on my face during the whole wedding day.  From the moment I arrive to the very last minute I’m there, I am having the best time.  (Full disclosure, if you see me with a serious face it’s probably because I’m planning my next shot. But that’s it!) I think my experience in theater also helps me hide any stress I’m feeling as well.  My experience in event planning and alumni relations also helps me to relate and talk to just about anyone. Grandparents LOVE me.

Which brings me to the point that this is all about YOU.  What I can do for you, your families, your friends. The only tangible thing you’re going to take away from your wedding are photographs.  So you want someone who is always watching, anticipating the next moment. That’s what I thrive on! Years of working with and truly reading people has helped me know what’s coming and, like a photo ninja, capture it with grace and precision. I want you to look at your photographs and say, “Wow, I didn’t even know that happened!” That’s what I want to give to you, those priceless, one-time-only moments in physical form.

And while I love my job, it’s certainly not my whole life.  I was shooting weddings well before I had kids so they have never known me doing anything else! (“Mom is off to take pictures again”) Some things I absolutely love: going to the gym at 5am. It really sets the tone for my days.  I love musical theater and still perform every once in awhile. You can take the alto out of a musical but you can’t… give the alto any decent parts in a Broadway musical (KIDDING. Sort of.). I enjoy listening to podcasts while I fold my laundry… mmmmm zen-filled bliss.  I need some new podcast recs. Some of my favorites are: My Favorite Murder, Dr. Death, This American Life, Reply All, The Girl Next Door, Sinisterhood, etc. Lots of true crime. I like to rile up my anxiety. I love coffee. And that’s not just to sound cool, I need it to function since my children don’t like to sleep through the night.  I enjoy reading and thanks to the Kindle app on my phone, I’m reading more than ever. If I really tried hard, I could get through a book a week. But I also love The Great British Baking Show and so Netflix wins out sometimes.

I love a good solo stroll through Target (girl, you’re so basic) and an occasional secret trip to Starbucks. I swear, if you tell my kids they sell cake pops at all Starbucks locations, I’m in HUGE trouble. I also love getting pedicures with my bestie, grabbing some coffee cake to go from Carolyn’s café, and hiding from the world every once in awhile.  An extroverted introvert… that’s me!

P.S. There are some things about me you just HAVE to know:

    • My husband and I have binge watched Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead and Scrubs.
    • Our kids are hilarious, sweet, energetic, photogenic (yes!), and fight all the stinkin’ time. I love them to bits.
    • I love cake. If you offer me a piece at your wedding, I will never turn it down!
    • Give me a Diet Dr. Pepper and some Red Vines and I’m yours forever.
    • My favorite part of a wedding day is when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. I tear up every single time.
    • Sarcasm is my second language.
  • There is no doubt that Coco has an incredible skill at capturing true and beautiful moments. She is fun, professional AND talented.

    - Jonathan & Jeanette -
  • She’s exactly the kind of person you want to work with on your special day!

    - Haley & Nick -
  • Coco helped me to laugh and was a constant reminder to have a FUN time on such an exciting day

    - Michelle & Aron -